ROIATTI performs national and international moves, both for private individuals, businesses and government agencies, using its owned modern means of transport, highly qualified personnel, as well as specialized equipment for every need and ensures respect of the customer, their property and environment.

National moves

Roiatti performs moves covering entirely the national territory availing itself of a capillary network of qualified partner companies, with whom it can assure its time proven standards of quality, trustworthiness and reliability.

International moves

Roiatti organizes and performs international moves for private individuals and businesses, applying all procedures needed for the success of the move. International moves within and outside of Europe by land, sea and air, performed as always with the utmost care in packaging the goods. Our customers are assisted by qualified personnel from departure to arrival at the new residence, complete with cross border services. Roiatti will also pack your belongings in crates compliant with international ISPM 15 requirements that will avoid you any additional and unexpected expense and inconveniences due to shipment rejection at destination if the shipment is not in compliance or the its quarantine etc. The professionalism of Roiatti is recognized by the international operators since 2009, after rigorous investigations, with the award of the “FIDI Global Alliance” certificate as well as the registration as forwarders.

Roiatti also offers:

  • Free inspections and quotations including advice on service organization
  • Repositioning of the furnishings, including finishings and disposal packaging material
  • Insurance coverage on request, guidance and advice for completing the insurance inventory
  • Disassembly, packing and door to door handling of:
    • personal belongings
    • furnishings
    • computer equipment and electronics
    • safes and machinery
  • Setting in place and reassembly at destination
  • Completion of bureaucratic aspects, retrieving all documentation necessary for international moves adhering to customs import/export customs rules.

Private individuals

Roiatti srl performs home moves in Italy and abroad with professionalism and care, because your home deserves undivided attention. Every move has its own characteristics, problems and each customer wants to see its needs met: Roiatti has the solution, offering types of services that satisfy the needs of each individual. It just takes a phone call for one of our experts to conduct a survey and provide a free estimate.

“All-inclusive” solution: a solution that offers a complete service

  • disassembly of furniture;
  • Packing of furniture, sofas, mirrors and pictures;
  • Packing of household goods (dishes, appliances, personal effects);
  • Loading, transport and unloading of goods;
  • Unpacking, assembly and setting in place of furniture.

“Load-transport-unload” solution:

  • supply of packaging materials (boxes, paper for fragile items, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes etc.);
  • loading of goods;
  • transportation;
  • unloading of goods.


Roiatti specializes in business moves, private and public, national and international, and offers a range of services specific to the needs of transfer of all material of offices, laboratories, libraries, stores and businesses. Our focus is on the customer needs for the business, planning time schedules and manner to perform the move, which we can execute even at night.

Services offered:

  • supply of packaging material specific to the type of materials to be moved, with appropriate protection systems;
  • dismantling, packaging;
  • qualified personnel is employed for handling of equipment, machinery and safes;
  • use of a wide range of specific equipment hydraulic trucks, ladders, robot etc .;
  • compliance with the provision of furniture, machinery, computer equipment and documents provided in the transfer plan;
  • Disposal of the packing material.

ROIATTI Srl as a further guarantee of their professionalism has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISPM-15 (FITOK) accreditations.
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