All warehouses are protected by anti-theft and anti-intrusion systems abd are equipped for the storage of property even for long periods of time. Household goods and furnishings, properly packaged, are stored in special wooden containers available of standard dimensions 350 cu.ft. or custom built.

These containers, once sealed, keep the contents protected from light and dust thus guaranteeing an ideal preservation. Furhermore, ROIATTI offers the opportunity to further insure the goods with personalized All-Risk coverage.


  • Free surveys to quantify the volume of goods
  • Filing and storage of goods for short, medium and long terms
  • Protection of goods with video surveillance, anti-theft, intrusion and fire alarms system
  • Insurance coverage of your goods through personalized All-Risk coverage

Roiatti Srl kept in custody for 20 years the only copy of the unreleased film of Orson Wells “TOO MUCH JOHNSON” in nitrate film. The company subsequently donated the film to the Cultural Organization Cinemazero. The film is now preserved at the George Eastman House in Rochester, United States of America.

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